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Are classes private or group?
All classes are private or in a mini-group of two. You can study with your friend for the same price of one-to-one provided via Zoom online platform.
How long is the duration of one class?
One class is 45 minutes. Every class is planned so every minute of it you spend beneficially. If you want, you can take two classes a day. The secret of productive studying is to have classes and practice language more frequently, not longer.
What is you methodic?
Our methodic is Communicative Method. This methodic have you practice and apply new grammar and vocabulary right away while you’re speaking. Our moto is Speak and Listen in class, Read and Write at home.
When does the course start?
You can start any course any time you want. That is the biggest advantage of online courses –schedule flexibility. Choose the most convenient time for you and study from anywhere. Choose a free hour of you tutor in his timetable and book a class!
How can I be sure of my progress?
After passing a certain level, you can require a test and get certification. The course you pass is well-planned and organized so that you can keep a track of your progress, what’s been studied.

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